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1. American Football

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American football, known simply as football in the US, is played in school and college levels. It now holds the top place among the top 10 most popular college sports. It now has the greatest number of participants in all sports. The NFL is the preeminent league in this sport in the US. And, college football has a rich history, predating NFL by many decades. It has millions of viewers during the fall months. The high school games appear on Fridays and Saturdays, and college football on Saturdays.

Fans and alumni can be very passionate about their teams. Some communities, mainly in rural areas, emphasize on local high school football teams, particularly in areas like Great Plains (Big 12 Conference and Big Ten Conference), Southern United States (Southeastern Conference), etc.

If we look at the career of the top sports stars, we will find that most of them started their careers early on in their school and college years. In most of the sports, school and college-level football is taken very seriously by the professional clubs and teams, as they pick the top talents of the College sports teams. That is why, the athletes, too, ensure that they take their university career seriously so that they can get noticed by their dream teams.



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