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The FAI Cup is the national cup competition of the country. It was first run in 1922. The tournament has a straight knockout format with non-league and junior sides competing in the first round before the league clubs join in the second round.

The League of Ireland Cup is the other main cup in the country. It was first held in 1974. This tournament's format has changed over the years. Previously it had group stages in the opening round but it now is straight knockout but clubs are divided into regional groups in the opening rounds. All 22 league clubs take part with the addition of 2 non-league clubs in order to bring the number up to 24.

League of Ireland clubs also competed in the Setanta Cup. This competition was played between clubs from both the League of Ireland and the Irish League in Northern Ireland. Six clubs from both sides of the border take part. Clubs who finish in the top four positions in the Airtricity League and Carling Premiership are invited to participate, along with the winners of both major domestic cup competitions. This tournament was first played in 2005 and has not been played again since 2014 with the next edition cancelled when fixture dates could not be agreed upon;  clubs from the Republic won seven of the nine editions.

From 2017, the Scottish Challenge Cup (for clubs playing below the top tier) invited clubs from Republic of Ireland to take part  (Welsh and Northern Irish clubs were involved the previous year).

Munster also run a cup for all clubs located in Munster including league clubs.

Each of the provincial and local amateur leagues also run cup competitions for their league clubs.

Defunct cup competitions include:

Texaco Cup
Blaxnit Cup
Dublin City Cup
Dublin and Belfast Intercity Cup
FAI Super Cup
League of Ireland Shield
Top Four Cup

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