Pat McAfee was not going to be outdone by Reggie Wayne. The former Indianapolis Colts punter was chosen to announce the team’s third-round pick (No. 89) and he decided to race right his former teammate with some expert trolling of the assembled Tennessee Titans fans in Nashville.

The two-time Pro Bowler went all-in on his act, even throwing some shade at an orangutan.

Check this out:

This was undoubtedly the greatest draft pick announcement of all-time. Seriously, McAfee may not go into the Hall of Fame as a punter, but he should definitely be inducted for this performance.

McAfee is currently working with WWE, so you know he’s great on the mic. He has also been performance as a stand-up comedian for a few years. This was exactly the perfect forum for him to shine.

Well done, Pat.

Yesterday, The Big Lead reported McAfee and ESPN are in discussion about various NFL roles.

Oh and good luck to Bobby Okereke, who was on the receiving end of arguably the most memorable draft announcement in history.