Reasons Why Golf is Good for Business

Golf is one of the most popular sports and leisure activities around the world. Ever since it got included in the Olympic Games in 2016, it became even more popular. Children around the world are picking clubs as we speak and trying to break into the highest of echelons of competitive golf.

However, this surge in popularity added yet another benefit – using golf for business. Although this point of observation might seem absurd to some, it makes a lot of sense.

Let’s explore all the essential reasons to use golf for business purposes. Whether it is squaring off against your boss, getting a good weekend workout or impressing clients, the benefits are plentiful.

Once you understand all the key reasons, you will have yet another tool at your disposal. Golf really can be the road to prolonged professional success, if you choose to use it the right way.

The importance of physical activity

 In the business world, everyone is reluctant to admit that theylead a sedentary lifestyle. It’s not easy to work eight hours every day, plus overtime and still have the will to be physically active.

The office is a hectic environment that tires people out, both mentally and physically. Therefore, it’s completely logical when someone wants to sit, eat or sleep when they get home. However, golf might be able to change your life.

The biggest benefit of golf is that it’s not physically tasking like other sports. A whole week of sitting in an office and sleeping at home might not be enough for a weekend game of basketball, but golf presents no problems.

As an activity, it doesn’t include sudden bursts of speed, powerful movements or constant physical activity. Swinging a golf club activates a large number of musclesin your body.

This is even without mentioning the obvious benefits of walking from hole to hole. In a laid-back environment, you will quietly burn calories and become stronger. Physical activity of any kind can also benefit your mental health and make you a better part of your team at work.

Team-building galore

Every team of colleagues is a collective and, as every collective, the functionality depends on chemistry. It’s not enough to spend eight hours a day in the same office. To understand your coworkers/employees, you need to get to know them out of work. As a team-building activity, golf is perfect for several reasons:

Because it’s not particularly tasking, older colleagues won’t feel left out and they will be able to compete.

It’s easy to learn the basics, meaning that every member of your team can come and have fun.

Everyone will probably be bad at golf the first time! This gives you a great chance to share a laugh with your team members.

It’s healthy! Everyone in the office will benefit from a day of swinging and walking around.

It’s a competition, too. The stakes can be high if you want to win and we’re sure your colleagues won’t mind the challenge. You can also bet to win.

Because of the aforementioned reasons, golf is an exceptional way to perform team-building. It’s both healthy and inclusive and a perfect way to get to know the people you work with.

Forging relationships with clients and business partners

Instead of going the old-school route to impress clients in meetings, you can switch it up a little. Approach your coworker, ask them “Can you do my assignment for me?” and take an active day off. How does this work?

Every client is probably used to looking at presentations and listening to speeches. Surprise them and offer them a chance to play golf with you. In a relaxed environment, you will get to know each other better and close a deal when everyone feels comfortable.

Golf, like any other sport, gives you the opportunity to find out more about the person’s character from the way they compete. This knowledge can be immensely useful.

Concluding thoughts

Golf in business might seem like an unorthodox pairing, but it makes perfect sense. If you mix golf and business, you will get valuable hours of physical activity in and get ready for the next week or day at the office. Moreover, you can share the pleasure with your colleagues and go on team-building sessions to play golf and compete. A little bit of competitive flair is beneficial to everyone and improves the atmosphere at work.

If you have a chance, take your clients and potential business partners to golf with you. It’s an unusual place for meetings and discussions, but it can work wonders for your career. Try it out, you won’t regret picking up golf for business!

Bryan Davis is a golf fan and a sports writer, who has followed the game since the late 1980s. His knowledge of the game in unparalleled. As a renowned journalist, Bryan has used his platform to promote golf both as a sport and as a team-building solution for companies around the world.

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