Over the last few years, which championship team agrees to visit the White House and which doesn’t has been a matter of national interest. The Warriors and Eagles were quite open about why they refused, while the Red Sox had some players go but others did not.

On Friday, we found out which path the March Madness champions would be taking. Tony Bennett announced that the Virginia Cavaliers would be declining the invitation to visit the White House.

Earlier this year, the Clemson Tigers squad accepted their invitation, and were greeted with a fast food feast. It may be completely unprecedented for a college team to decline to visit the White House after winning a national championship. Bennett explained that it would be too complicated to organize a visit, with all of the moving parts that come with a college basketball team and the upcoming NBA draft.

It remains to be seen if Bennett’s squads will be trend-setters or if they’ll be the only team to decline the invitation.