NFL Network insider Charley Casserly teased big Dwayne Haskins news earlier this afternoon. There was supposed to be a big surprise coming tonight. Haskins went to the Washington Redskins at No. 15. There wasn’t much surprising about that.

If this is what he was alluding to but declining to say, well, that’s pretty bad delivery. And we really have no idea what he was talking about, his sourcing, and how grounded it was in reality because he refused to give specifics.

This is the media equivalent of promising major fireworks and then handing out a few sparklers. It’s tough to say what’s worse: thinking this is a bombshell of bluffing and getting exposed.

To be fair, the first round isn’t over, so maybe the juicy stuff is coming later. If not — and I hate to say it — one has to feel a bit misled.

Casserly worked for the Redskins from 1982-1999 and is a prominent reporter so it’s understandable if you were waiting for satisfaction on this little tease.

Something to consider next time.