“Cobra Kai” is back! The second season of the shockingly incredible series dropped on YouTube Friday and you should be just as fired up as I am.

If you’re somehow not familiar with the show, it follows the lives of “Karate Kid” characters Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso as adults. Lawrence (played brilliantly by William Zabka) is the center of the show as he tries to revive the Cobra Kai dojo. LaRusso (played by Ralph Macchio) is a successful car salesman who attempts to thwart Lawrence’s efforts.

The show is much lighter than the “Karate Kid” movies whose universe it exists in, but it does a great job of blending that comedy with real heart and dramatic elements. It also shows that, from a slightly altered perspective, maybe the characters we see as heroes, aren’t always the good guys we assumed.

The first season of the show was incredibly well-done, it was an absolute 10, as the writers, actors and showrunners knocked it out of the park. I was expecting almost nothing from the series and was so enthralled I watched the entire thing in two days. While the references and parallels to the movies are plentiful, they are never oppressive. It’s a perfect mix of nostalgia with a solid new story and new characters mixed in. The first season didn’t hit a single false note.

I have yet to dig in to season two but I know I won’t be disappointed. Season two features some new characters as Martin Kove, Peyton List and others have joined the cast.

If you’ve never watched “Cobra Kai” yet, do yourself a favor and check out Season 1’s trailer:

Then watch it. It was easily my favorite new show of 2018 and one of my 10 best shows of the year.