[Video] Fans of Man Utd, Saints and Bolton name their unsung heroes amidst troubled seasons

When we asked fans ‘Who has been your club’s unsung hero this season?’ the last response we expected was “we barely have any sung heroes let a lone unsung ones!”

Those words, delivered in typically misanthropic fashion by Flying Pig United in his debut video for Pl>ymaker FC , echo the thoughts of many Manchester United supporters right now.

Ole may be ‘at the wheel’ but the vehicle is very much veering towards the hard shoulder after a humiliating 4-0 defeat to Everton at the weekend and the blame is being very squarely placed on the shoulders of the players.

Ipswich Fan Zone and Bolton fan Thogden offered up slightly more positive responses despite torrid seasons for both clubs whilst fans of Southampton and Derby also waded into the debate.

Check out all of the squad’s nominations in the video above.

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