PXG Announces GEN2 Putter Lineup with Improved Fitting System

Given that PXG released GEN2 Irons and then GEN2 Metalwoods, logically it was only a matter of time before the company released GEN2 putters. And so here you go.

Times are changing (Stroke Lab, anyone), but traditionally putter stories are almost entirely about the heads themselves. One could argue that the PXG GEN2 putter story is every bit as much a fitting story.

As PXG Founder and CEO, Bob Parsons points out, “Putts account for roughly 40 percent of shots taken, yet only a small percentage of golfers make an effort to be properly fitted.” I suppose you can chalk a good bit of that up to the mythology that the look and feel characteristics of a putter somehow supersede real-world performance considerations. Via the new fitting platform, which is basically a fitting cart for putters, Parsons says, “we’re working to change that stat.  With the release of our exceptional new PXG GEN2 Putters, we are committed to helping golfers dial-in their preferred putter to help shave strokes off their score.”

8 Models

That fitting kit pairs eight 100% milled GEN2 putters with three hosel options, and an adjustable fitting shaft to dial-in the perfect length. It’s important to note that the adjustable shaft is a fitting tool only, and isn’t included in the final/take home product.

As you’d expect from a lineup with eight heads, the GEN2 putter lineup features everything from high MOI mallets down to reasonably small blades. The fitting kit allows each of the eight models (Closer, Lucky “D,” Brandon, Mustang, Bat Attack, Mini Gunboat, Gunboat, and Operator) to be mixed and matched with any of PXG’s three hosel styles – double bend, plumbers neck, or heel shaft. The heel shaft option is basically a slant neck. All eight models are available in both black and chrome finish options.

Performance can be further dialed-in by way of interchangeable 5g, 10g, 15g, and 20g titanium and tungsten weights. In the interest of simplifying things for fitters and cleaning things up visually, PXG has moved to larger weights (fewer moving parts) and has positioned them on the sole, which clears the nuts and bolts look at address.

Pyramid Milling

There’s a growing body of evidence to suggest that face technology matters in a putter. While there are still some that swear by a no-tech milled face, the reality is that nearly every major putter manufacturer has integrated some sort of roll-enhancing, speed-maintaining technology into its putter faces. PXG is no different. The GEN 2 putter lineup features what PXG calls a Variable-sized, Pyramid Milling pattern. According to PXG, the pyramid structures provide more consistent launch and roll characteristics, while at the same time softening feel. As with similar technology from EVNROLL and PING, the objective is to maintain speed, and with it, distance control, on off-center hits.

And yes, no matter how good you think you are – you do miss the center of the putter face every now and again.

Availability and Pricing

PXG GEN2 Putters are available now. Retail price is $425.

For more information, visit PXG.com.


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