Jason Kidd reportedly interviewed for the Los Angeles Lakers coaching job on Monday. He is said to have spent hours with Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka and team executive Kurt Rambis.

While that report bounces around your brain, I’m here to tell you there is absolutely no way the Lakers will hire Kidd to be their next head coach. How do I know this? Because they couldn’t possibly be that dumb.

Look, the Lakers have done a lot of stupid things over the past year. Letting Julius Randle and Brook Lopez walk was moronic. Trading Ivica Zubac for Mike Muscala was mind-numbingly stupid. Surrounding LeBron James with veteran “playmakers” instead of shooters was as imbecilic as one could possibly get. But hiring Jason Kidd? That would be a bridge too far, even for this franchise.

Kidd was flat-out awful with the Milwaukee Bucks. How do I know that? Because he was fired with a 23-22 record midway through the 2017-18 season, and Mike Budenholzer arrived this year and took Milwaukee to a league-best 60-22 mark with virtually the same roster.

During his three-plus seasons with the Bucks, Kidd posted a record of 139-122 and never got past the first round of the playoffs. That came despite a roster loaded with young talent and an MVP-caliber star in Giannis Antetokounmpo. What has he ever done to make anyone believe he’d be a successful coach in the NBA long-term?

He was an amazing player, truly one of the best of his era. A Hall of Famer, Kidd was a brilliant point guard. But that doesn’t mean he’d be a great coach. In fact, we have evidence that he’s awful.

The Lakers can and should do better. Frankly, they shouldn’t have even interviewed him. There’s no way Jeanie Buss would let him coach her team. I mean, right? No, there’s no way. Zero chance. She’s smarter than that. I mean…she is…she has to be. Jeanie? You are, right?