This year’s draft is noticeably well-stocked with pass rushers and defensive line prospects. Nick Bosa is clearly the king of his class, and Josh Allen is right behind him, but where the rest fall is unclear. With such a talented crop of edge defenders, there won’t be a huge difference between most of the top 10 guys. But there will be a difference, and that’s why we’re giving you, the reader, a definitive power ranking of the best edge rusher prospects in the draft.

1. Nick Bosa, Ohio State 

Bosa has been heralded as not only the best pass rusher in this class, but the best player overall for months now. Bosa missed most of his last season at Ohio State, but he’s the complete package for an edge defender and well worth a top-three pick. Bosa combines speed and athleticism with high-level hand placement to get wherever he wants, as fast as he’s able to. His experience playing both sides of the line will help with his versatility, and he notched 16 tackles for loss his sophomore year, demonstrating his ability to affect both the run and pass game. Bosa is a plug-and-play prospect who will quickly prove that he belongs in the upper echelon of pass rushers, and an elite prospect who doesn’t come around very often. As is the norm with the Bosa clan, injuries are a concern, but he’s so good that it won’t come into play here.

2. Josh Allen, Kentucky 

Allen has significantly more recent production but less overall upside than Bosa, notching 17 sacks and and 5 forced fumbles his senior season. He’s as explosive as they come off the edge, and has proven himself to be a good enough athlete to cover in space when needed. He needs to work on his counter moves, but he’ll enter into the league with a versatile skillset that a smart defensive coach can utilize and translate into major production. Allen is a pure enough pass rusher that he’ll come in as an immediate impact player, but his ceiling will require some work to reach.