“Mind games and we won’t fall for it” – These Leeds fans react to rival’s bold comments

Leeds fans have fired back at Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder after his comments about the media backing Leeds have received ahead of their potential promotion to the Premier League.

These comments come just a week after Henry Winter produced an article on why the Premier League needs Leeds United, which gushed over the history of the club and their fanbase.

The Sheffield United boss clearly isn’t a fan of the media’s obsession with Leeds and, after the Blades returned to the driving seat in the race for promotion, he revealed his frustration.

Wilder told the Sheffield Star: “Most of the media want Leeds to go up. We’re determined to make them eat their words”

Leeds fans took issue with Wilder’s statement saying that he is off the mark after the club’s treatment around the Spygate saga, whilst other fans had a problem with the fact Wilder addressed it despite the fact it doesn’t affect what happens on the pitch.

Here’s what Leeds fans have been saying in response to the promotion-chasing manager on Twitter…

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