It has been presumed for months that Kyler Murray is going first overall to the Arizona Cardinals. But according to CBS’ Pete Prisco, Arizona has decided they are not going to draft Murray:

“Initially, the ownership pushed for Kyler Murray, that much I know, I was told that. The reason they did is they are having a hard time selling tickets. Well, they put it out there. Arizona was lukewarm to it. So now, all of a sudden, they are pulling back and from what I’ve been told, they are going to go in a different direction. They are not going to draft Kyler Murray.”

There could be a lot going on here. First, we have to consider the possibility of this being a smokescreen put out by the Cardinals. If that is not the case, and they are going in another direction, their best bet would be to call the Oakland Raiders. Murray is exactly what the Raiders need and the Cardinals would be much better off moving down some if this is their decision.

It wouldn’t be the most exciting option, but sticking it out with Josh Rosen and drafting another player in an area of need is their best route. Rosen is still full of potential and the Cardinals need help all over the place.

If nothing else, this latest rumor has made the draft much more interesting and less predictable.