Less than 24 hours ago, the world was caving in around the Mets. Their ace, their $137.5-million man, their reigning Cy Young award winner’s right elbow was “barking” and Jacob deGrom was set to undergo an MRI exam on Monday to find out what’s wrong.

Perhaps the ghost of Tommy John past came down and blessed deGrom’s arm overnight because apparently, all fears are assuaged for the moment.

As of 11:02 a.m. today, Mets manager Mickey Callaway has assured Mets fans that deGrom’s elbow is, “much improved.” Even crazier than that? deGrom is throwing a baseball.

So the MRI was set for Monday, his elbow was barking yesterday, and today he’s throwing a baseball? It’s an April miracle! Or perhaps it’s another Mets mistake.

The Mets have a long history of not handling injuries the right way. But allowing your star pitcher to throw in 53-degree weather ahead of an MRI after his elbow hurt just a day ago? That’s bonkers — but perhaps it’s also good news. If deGrom’s arm was still killing him, surely he wouldn’t self-sabotage just because he was itching for a catch, right?

Now the MRI is off? Whoa. That’s quite the turnaround. But as with all things Mets, let’s wait for the final outcome before jumping to any conclusions. For all we know, deGrom might only miss one start, or he could miss a bunch. At the present moment, however, Mets fans can breathe a momentary sigh of relief.