Golf company is giving away free rangefinder batteries. Here’s how to get them.

Everyone gets a free battery today.

Yeah, we get it; for some of you that’s probably not as exciting as your free World Series Doritos Loco Taco, but I’m guessing many of you might actually prefer the free rangefinder battery. Why? Because it sucks when your rangefinder battery dies. We know you depend on it, and we want to make sure a dead battery doesn’t leave you with one-hundred and who the hell knows left to the flag.

Precision Pro Golf is giving away FREE rangefinder batteries today.

In case you missed it last year, or you’ve already burned through the first one, Precision Pro is again running its free rangefinder battery promotion. You read that correctly – free. As in zero cost. Zip, zilch, nada. As long as your rangefinder accepts the standard CR2-3V battery, you’re good to go.

Simply click here, fill out the form and presto, in a few days you’ll find a new battery in your mailbox. That’s it. No hooks, catches, or attached strings.


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Why would Precision Pro just give you a battery? Clay Hood and Jonah Mytro founded Precision Pro with the belief every golfer should have access to a high-quality rangefinder at an affordable price, but perhaps most importantly, the company would value the consumer every bit as much, if not more, after the purchase.

Says Hood, “We like to go above-and-beyond when it comes to delivering great customer service, and the free battery replacement service is a simple way that we can to that. We thought expanding the replacement service so that all golfers — whether they have one of our rangefinders or not — was a great way to show golfers that we try to do things a little bit different here at Precision Pro Golf. If we go above and beyond for someone who isn’t even a customer, we hope they’ll believe that we’ll definitely go the extra mile when they buy a Precision Pro Golf rangefinder.”

Think of it as a free sample of the type of customer service to which Precision Pro believes every consumer is entitled.

To claim your free rangefinder battery, click here.

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