Lana of the WWE did not have a sex tape leak despite previous reports, according to TMZ. Earlier in the week a Snapchat account purportedly belonging to Lana (real name C.J. Perry) was hacked and a sex video leaked. People close to her have confirmed to TMZ that it is not her account.

Multiple reports surfaced Thursday that Lana’s personal Snapchat page was hacked — with some scumbag leaking a private sex tape from the account in an attempt to publicly embarrass her.

But fortunately, sources close to Lana tell us she’s adamant she’s NOT in the video — and neither is her WWE superstar husband, Rusev.

In fact, we’re told the Snapchat account that published the video does NOT belong to Lana — though, it was intentionally created to look like it does.

WWE is reportedly investigating the situation.

Lana and her real-life husband, WWE’s Rusev (real name Miroslav Barnyashev) met while at the company and were married in 2016. Pictures of the couple, and Lana by herself, are below and on the next few pages.