One of the things that always struck me as a child staying home sick from school was just how many insane programs were on during the day. Jerry Springer, Sally Jessy Raphael, Ricki Lake. They all aired thing that could just transform a young mind. But there was nothing on then that can hold a candle to Stephen A. Smith casting Space Jam 2 on this morning’s First Take.

It’s alarming to think that channel-surfacing children were allowed to access this opinion.

Smith weighed in on his preferred targets for LeBron James’ flick.

Diana Taurasi.

Stan Van Gundy.

Damian Lillard.

Boban Marjanović.

Joel Embiid.

No disrespect to nugget-haver Stan Van Gundy, but he’s not exactly a figure who will capture the imagination of the youth. If you are sitting down to fill out a feel-good romp and find yourself writing down his name, it may be time for a break.

It would be amazing to see this list handed to an actual Hollywood executive and get to see their honest reaction. It could include fainting. Actually now I kind of want to see this version of the movie.

Smith is just a master.