Aaron Taylor was on CBS Sports Network Tuesday evening discussing the 2019 NFL Draft and he unleashed a Hall of Fame-level bad take. The former offensive lineman claimed that if Kyler Murray doesn’t get selected by the Arizona Cardinals with the first pick, he may not be taken in the first round.

Yeah, that’s actually a thing he said.

Taylor’s point is that Murray fits perfectly in Kliff Kingsbury’s offense with the Cardinals, but may not actually work in another team’s system. I guess as a thought experiment it can kind of work, but it’s a silly premise.

Murray is a talented athlete who can throw, run and has a accurate arm. At some point in the first round, someone will take him. Even if the Cardinals opt to go in a different direction, there’s zero chance the Oklahoma quarterback would get out of the top 20 picks. And, frankly, someone would trade up to select him before that.

There’s no universe in which Murray, the presumptive No. 1 pick, falls out of the first round. If the Cardinals were the only team interested in him, why wouldn’t they just wait until the second round to take him?

The obvious answer is that this is a ridiculous take.