As I expected, both sides claimed victory in the fabled New York afternoon sports talk radio wars, releasing statements on their respective Twitter accounts here and here. Now the chest-thumping has spread to the airwaves.

Francesa, after taking hours of Tiger Woods calls, addressed the ratings in an eight-minute monologue. He kept calling Kay’s proclamation that he won the ratings war fake news, and said if he’d have known it meant so much to his competition he would’ve sent them a telegram declaring them the victors. Francesa was quick to mention he has beaten ESPN New York for 50+ quarters and remains undefeated.

As we noted earlier, Kay scored a 5.9 in a number that includes both radio and streaming. Francesa, whose show is on both AM and FM dials whereas Kay’s is only on AM, got a 5.5 for just radio and a .7 for streaming. ESPN NY sells the ads for the two feeds together, and WFAN sells them separately. Kay has an audience that also includes SiriusXM and YES Network. Francesa has his app, which presumably has a lower audience than those platforms, but which he says has thousands and thousands of subscribers.

Whose side are you on here?