Ronda Rousey lost the main even at Wrestlemania 35 to Becky Lynch and it appears she’s going to be taking a long break from WWE. While we don’t know if Rousey is pregnant, a recent social media post suggests she plans to be.

On Monday, Rousey posted a picture with her husband Travis Browne and the hashtag #impregnationvacation.

Recently, Rousey was a little upset at how interested people were in her vagina, but apparently she’s fine with the world knowing about her attempt to get pregnant.

A few months ago there was speculation that after WrestleMania, Rousey would be taking a break from professional wrestling to start a family with her husband. According to ESPN, that would appear that is the case.

If she’s set to start a family, it’s obvious we won’t be seeing Rousey in the WWE for a long, long time. If she gets pregnant quickly, we can probably expect well over a year for her to return.