MLBTR Chat Transcript: Albies, Rays, Heyward

“Every employer gets a huge bargain for the worker considering they make the profit.”

So employees should just be happy with whatever they’re paid? Depending on the business, that would be true if all those employees were either, (a) paid the same as everyone else, or (b) paid according to each worker’s worth.

The problem with the Albies contract is he’ll be paid less than he’s worth and less than players of equal, or even, lesser ability.

Fans love to put it relative to the average person, saying things like $35M is more than most will see in a lifetime. But how would that average person feel finding out that he was being paid less than his fellow employees, some of which weren’t as good at their jobs as he was? Ozzie may not care about that now, but how will he feel in a few years, especially if, as is possible, he is one of the top players in the game?

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