Lowe: Kawhi, DeRozan, adjustments and more keys to Game 2s

The No. 7 seeds in each conference enter Tuesday’s Game 2s having stolen home-court advantage — for now.

Here are the key adjustments and matchups to watch in Raptors-Magic and Nuggets-Spurs.


Traditions must be honored. And so it is that sphincters will be a-tightening for Game 2 of a first-round series in Toronto.

A Raptors optimist — just kidding, there is no such thing — would chalk up Toronto’s annual opening Saturday gag as a “make-or-miss-league” loss, and the Magic are indeed unlikely to hit 14-of-29 from deep again. But 48 percent from 3-point range is an expected outlier, if there is such a thing, not an insane one; Orlando hit at least 45 percent of its 3s in nine of 82 regular-season games. It happens. So does a decent shooting team — Toronto — hitting 33 percent of its 3s.

Orlando also shot 36 percent on 2-pointers, its worst figure in any game this season. Transfer a couple of made 3s from the Magic to the Drakes, and, sure, Toronto wins Game 1, but likely not in the convincing fashion we might expect from a No. 2 seed.

Orlando is 3-2 against Toronto this season. The Magic finished Game 1 with the poise of a postseason regular — running their stuff, gauging the response of Toronto’s defense, and guiding the ball to open shooters.

The Raptors are the better team, but they are going to have to play like it. How?

• Start by targeting D.J. Augustin when Orlando has him guarding Kyle Lowry — as the Magic did for much of Game 1. Any screening action involving Lowry and Kawhi Leonard — on or off the ball — produced good results. Switch, and Leonard beasts:

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