The Masters took the unprecedented step of adjusting the tee times and patterns today: players were grouped in threesomes with tee times starting at 7:30 am ET, off of both holes 1 & 10. All of this was in the service of hoping the biggest tournament of the year finishes today as Augusta faces the threat of inclement weather.

Will that goal be accomplished?

Per’s hourly forecast, it starts to get dicey around 2pm. At this point, the forecast calls for scattered thunderstorms, with a 50% chance of precipitation. This jumps to 90% at the 3pm hour. After that, it does not get back down below a 50/50 shot of precipitation until the 7pm hour. You can watch’s interactive radar projection here.

From my unscientific vantage, that 2pm hour will be crucial. If the storms can hold off all through that hour, The Masters has a shot to finish before play is suspended. It sure appears to be a race against time.

UPDATE (12:50 ET) : It has begun raining in Augusta, and projects thunderstorms in the coming hour.