So, everyone is upset right now because Joel Embiid and Amir Johnson were caught looking at a cell phone while getting blown out at home. Like Doris Burke on the broadcast, the reaction has not been kind. It has been filled with outrage, disappointment, and anger. I say, who could actually care?

I mean, get over ourselves, people. You think these two are the first people to ever use their phones while at work when they are not supposed to? For anyone that is furious about this, you better make sure you have never checked your phone while your attention was supposed to be elsewhere. This means all students in high school and college sure better hope they have never texted in class or checked Twitter during a lecture – I have done both many times – if they are complaining about this one. And they are.

Is this a great look? No, of course not. But to think this is worth ruining your Saturday over and concluding Embiid is not fit to lead and the 76ers are not ready is laughable.

Oh, and this is apparently an NBA violation?

What are the chances Adam Silver and the NBA suits have checked their phones during a meeting before? Going to say good.

Yes, people online are hypocrites. I am going to bet most of them will be checking their phones at work and in class Monday to find out the results of this crime.