The Masters theme is one of the classiest things in all of sports. A person hears those twinkling notes and they are immediately transported to a world of vibrant colors, azaleas, and soul-calming commentary.

It feels almost sacrilegious to suggest tinkering with near-perfection, but we were never much for reverence, so here goes.

CBS should at least consider going back to the version of the song, called Augusta and written by Dave Loggins in 1982, with singing. If you’ve never heard that one, get ready to have your mind blown.

It really is a a special time in a young man or woman’s life when they realize this little riff has golf-centric lyrics which have gone largely unheard for decades. Tough to not have one’s day derailed after that.

Deadspin did a throughly enjoyable origin story on the song back in 2012. Simply put, it’s time for Loggins’ voice to be heard en mass. This be an enjoyable experience and would surely cause great reverberations in the social space.

Just think of the buzz created. You can’t buy that type of exposure.

Ultimately, this won’t happen. But dreams are worth dreaming.