Without fail, we get the same cast of characters taking to social media to complain about the 9:20 EST tip time used for the championship game of the NCAA Tournament. Then, I’m assuming, the crew from Men in Black swings by to each one of their homes, forces them to look at the light, and summarily erases the memory from them so they can do the same thing next year.

It hardly seems possible that a person could fail to realize the game starts at this time — and has for many, many years. And yet here we are.

So let me offer this plea, one which will surely be ignored.

Stop. Stop complaining about the start time. It makes you look like you have the memory of a goldfish.

Yes, it’s late. Watching the end requires staying up until midnight for people on the coast. But it’s not that late. It’s obvious why the game starts at 9:20. It’s because this a big country with four time zones. CBS/Turner wants to get as many eyeballs as possible.

It’s a business.

And you know what? Every single year, peak viewership comes late in the game. This means there’s some overlap between those who complain and those who stay up every damn year to watch. Some even have a good time.

Anyway. See you back here in a year when we’re doing the same old song and dance.

UPDATE: On second thought maybe we need to start the game earlier. This is pretty compelling evidence something’s not right.