NFL draft do-overs: Let’s re-pick … and fix mistakes for all 32 teams

The NFL draft annually brings back memories, and many of those memories aren’t exactly pleasant. With every draft bust comes the question, “What if we took [fill-in-the-blank Pro Bowler who’s on another team] instead?” On that note, what if you could go back and get a do-over on those draft picks that your team whiffed on?

That’s the premise of this exercise, as we asked our 32 NFL Nation reporters to go back over the past five drafts (2014-18) and correct their team’s biggest draft mistake during that time. We gave them the keys to the DeLorean and waived all speed laws.

The ground rules:

  1. The re-drafted player has to be at a position of reasonable need in that particular draft (no Todd Gurley allowed for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2015).

  2. The re-drafted player has to be available at the pick in question (no using the 30th pick in 2017 to draft Patrick Mahomes).

  3. You cannot trade the pick you’re looking to re-draft, but you can choose not to trade a pick the team traded (see the Buffalo Bills‘ entry).

With those rules in place, it’s time to rewrite history in the way each reporter sees fit. Click on the links below to go to each team:

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