NASCAR at Bristol: Bristol Motor Speedway explains empty end zone seats during Food City 500

Bristol Motor Speedway has explained some of the reasons for the empty seats at Sunday’s race.

Bristol Motor Speedway can fit up to 146,000 people, according to Fox Sports. But, there was a large number of empty seats and the race attracted only about 38,000, according to the Herald Courier.

The end zones were entirely empty at the Food City 500 because the track was “optimizing the stadium configuration for the spring race,” it said in a statement.

“Our spring race seating arrangement is designed to allow us to use our resources to create a more energetic atmosphere,” the statement read in part, via FOX Sports. “We believe that this change at the NASCAR spring race will enhance the overall experience of all who attend.”

Meanwhile, on the track, Kyle Busch held off his brother, Kurt, to pick up the win.

“That one was tough,” Kurt Busch said. “I really wanted to beat him. I was going to wreck him. I was wanting to stay close enough so that when we took the white (flag) I was going to just drive straight into three and four. I mean he’s already won. I figured he could give a little love to his brother.

“I wanted that one bad. I feel like him right now. I’m all mad because I didn’t win.”

The younger Busch joked about his brother’s comments after the race.

“He told me in victory lane and I told him ‘You can’t tell people you’re going to wreck them before you do it because when roles are reversed that person is going to wreck you because you already told them you were going to wreck them,’” he said. “So, I guess if I’m ever running second to Kurt, I’m going to wreck him. I’m glad it didn’t turn out that way.”

Joey Logano and Ryan Blaney finished in third and fourth place, respectively. Denny Hamlin rounded out the top five.

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