Becky Lynch realized her goal Sunday night at Wrestlemania 35. “The Man” marched into WrestleMania and walked out with both the Raw and Smackdown Women’s titles.

Lynch beat Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair in the main event Sunday night to win both championships in a triple-threat, winner-take-all match. It was part of an almost year-long quest that brought her to the top of the wrestling world. Over the last few months, Lynch has risen to become arguably the biggest star in WWE and all of professional wrestling.

Sunday night she capped off that journey. She pinned Rousey to win both titles. It was Rousey’s first pin-fall loss in WWE. There will be controversy of the result, as it appeared Rousey’s shoulders were up during the three-count. But, the result is what it is, Becky Lynch is champion of both WWE brands right now.

Rousey’s big debut came at last year’s WrestleMania and she stunned with her in-ring ability, but her persona has worn out its welcome with a lot of fans. She had become the heel, while Becky — a former heel — had become a huge fan favorite.

This main event was what fans wanted, and they got the result they wanted.

So what comes next? Rousey has been rumored to be set to take a break from WWE for a while and Lynch is now on top. Will fans react the same way to her when she’s not an insurgent attempting to foil Rousey’s plans?

We’ll certainly see on Monday night as the year’s biggest episode of Raw will likely kick off a bunch of new storylines.